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First in Kansas: Leavenworth Joins Magic School's AI Innovators Program

First in Kansas: Leavenworth Joins Magic School's AI Innovators Program

This week, Leavenworth USD 453 joins over 700 other schools and districts across the world who have chosen to embrace AI for educators. Pioneer staff now have free access to AI tools built to find efficiency and time-savings in their workload and build skills and competencies in usage of the technology. Teachers can now begin using AI in order to understand it, find efficiencies and time savings, and better prepare students for the future workplace.


Christine Varnal, 6th grade teacher at Leavenworth Intermediate, jumped right in and shared this feedback: "I have already completed the Level 1 and Level 2 certified training. I would highly recommend that teachers start playing around with the lesson plan tool if they struggle to create plans or feel constrained by time. I tested the tool with a 'Grade 6 STEM lesson on Access to Water' and within one minute I had an output that would have taken me 1 to 2 hours to do on my own!"


MagicSchool is the leading generative AI platform in education. With over a million users, it’s fast becoming a staple in teacher workflows. It assists teachers in their work, from lesson planning, rubric creation, differentiation, family communication and more. It’s been featured in WIRED magazine, CBS News, and honored by GSV as one of the 50 most innovative digital learning and workforce skills startups.



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