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20th Annual Horizon Scholar Gala

20th Annual Horizon Scholar Gala

Last week, at the 20th Annual Horizon Scholar Gala, 29 incredible seniors and their chosen Most Influential Teacher were celebrated for the highest academic achievement.

Horizon Scholars are those seniors who have a 4.0 or above. It was a beautiful night honoring the hard work and commitment by our top students, supported by our dedicated teachers. These teachers have truly gone above and beyond to assist our students.

These students aspire for careers that ensure our future is bright! They have all flourished as students, leaders, athletes...and all around amazing young people. We appreciate all that they've brought to our Pioneer family!

Congratulations, 2024 Horizon Scholars and their Most Influential Teachers!

Photo of the 2024 Horizon Scholars from Leavenworth High School













Photo: Most Influential Teachers at 2024 Horizon Scholar Gala













Horizon Scholar, Most Influential Teacher:

Denali Alvis, Kaleena Grasela

Caleb Baltazar, Sam Mesler

Graycie Bockman, Heather Waters

Nikki Brunhoeber, Kelly Jenkins

Gabrielle Carnoali, Sean Murphy

Laura Chmidling, Sean Sachen

Eva Clements, Sean Sachen

Adela Courtright, Jody Mckee

Joaquin Davila, Heather Waters

Avery Denney, Liz Anstine

Connie Dill, Sean Murphy

Katherine Edwards, Annie Longberg

Jacqueline Goodman, Justin Bode

Jayla Grigsby, Darcy Romondo

Levi Hanlen, Deborah Salvatorelli

Ethan Herken, Jared Prost

Olivia Kile-Wilson, John Fulkerson

Melanie Libby, Darcy Romondo

Addison Manley, Sharon Mueller

Courtney Manner, Jennie Wooten

Luke Monroy, Sam Mesler

Micah Mortensen, Jennie Wooten

SeQuoia Player, Annie Longberg

Jonathan Purvis, Matthew Arnold

Genevieve Shelton, Madison Plouvier

Ben Soyka, Liz Anstine

Shawn Sullivan, Rex Loewen

Connor Torres, Sam Mesler

Emma Torres, Heather Waters