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photo of a heart with the words Pioneer Volunteers in the center

Welcome to the Pioneer Volunteer page! 

We love our volunteers and want you to be informed.

The Leavenworth School District considers volunteers to be a vital part of our educational program. We appreciate your hard work, talents, and commitment to our district.

Volunteers will work under the direction and supervision of a teacher, administrator or school staff member to assist students, work on committees, participate in enrichment programs, or assist in school projects such as fundraising and special events. 


Volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Application, which includes a criminal history background check. 

Complete the Application Online

There is no cost to the volunteer for the background check. Background check information will be confidential between the applicant and the Human Resources Department and will not be shared. Your personal information, such as date of birth and driver's license information, will not be shared with anyone. 

Once your background check has been processed you will receive an email letting you know. Volunteer background checks expire after 2 years.