Community Services

Welcome to the Leavenworth Public Schools Community services link. The intent of this page is to help connect individuals and families in need with support services available through agencies located in Leavenworth County, Fort Leavenworth and surrounding regions. These agencies provide a host of services to include food, shelter, clothing, or counseling to those who cannot afford these services on their own. For those seeking volunteer opportunities or to make charitable contributions, contact information is included for all the agencies listed.

Each year, the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce sponsors a leadership class for the Leavenworth and Lansing communities. This class is aptly called Leadership Leavenworth-Lansing. Students from this class come from various professional backgrounds but share an interest in learning more about the history of the Leavenworth-Lansing area, and how best to assist and serve their community.

The Leadership Leavenworth-Lansing Class of 2016 elected to complete a class project that will provide information about resources available for those looking to volunteer of those in need of assistance. The vision for the Leadership Leavenworth-Lansing Class of 2016 was to create an online resource that area businesses, schools, churches, and agencies can access to locate contact information for all types of support services.

The goal for the class is to create a long-lasting resource, which positively benefits the community from helping those facing hardships to assisting those who want to volunteer time, talent, and treasure. If you have suggestions, corrections, additions, or questions regarding the content of the website, please follow the comment link on this page.

To filter specific information, please use the drop-down box to select the desired service. Each organization has a summary that can be printed with contact information, website information, Facebook page connections, and other resources. Agencies are encouraged to link to this page to help grow and maintain its success.

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