Department Overview

  • The Leavenworth School District commits to meeting the needs of students through standards-based instruction, content assessment, and robust professional development for staff. Through these efforts, our goal is to prepare our students to become successful citizens and lifelong learners. Please explore our Instructional Resource Websites and links to the left as well as our Strategic Plan Goals below on this page.

    Overall, our mission is to "prepare every student for success in every classroom, every day."

    Strategic Action Plan Goals


    • Ensure curriculum includes skills necessary to allow students the opportunity to compete in an ever-changing global society.
    • Maintain a classroom culture that fosters inquiry, advocacy, and lifelong learning.
    • Align instructional strategies to increase mastery of state standards, emphasize 21st-century problem solving and critical thinking skills, and support through professional development opportunities.
    • Recognize and address the needs of at-risk learners throughout the district.
    • Seek opportunities to increase advanced placement courses at the high school.
    • Expand partnerships with our post-secondary institutions that include Career Pathways.
    • Work with staff to align district curriculum in all areas K-12.

    Laura Batson
    Director of Teaching and Learning

    Ryan Bodensteiner
    Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning

    Teaching and Learning

  • KESA Accreditation