Leavenworth Unified School District 453

District Teacher of the Year Winners Announced

​Mrs. Crawford has been with the Leavenworth School District for seven years, all at Anthony Elementary.  In her application Mrs. Crawford said she strives each day to ensure all children have an equal opportunity to learn. She said, “My job each day as an educator is to equip them with tools to persevere when all odds are against them, and have the mindset to say ‘I can and will succeed!’” Mrs. Crawford also helps fellow teachers understand their students’ background and how situations outside of school can help or hinder their education.

Mrs. Kuchinski has been with the Leavenworth School District for 12 years, having worked at West Middle School, Warren Middle School, and most recently at Leavenworth High School.  In her application Mrs. Kuchinski said one of the ways she involves all students in learning is by developing positive relationships from the student’s first day in her class. She said, "Positive relationship building is the focus of my interaction with students. By getting to know my students and understanding the personal challenges they face, I weave this information into my lessons in order to provide a positive framework and inspire them to make good choices."

Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Kuchinski will represent our district in the regional portion of the 2019 Kansas Teacher of the Year recognition program, sponsored by the Kansas State Department of Education. The Kansas Teacher of the Year Program identifies, recognizes​, and celebrates​ representatives of excellent teaching in elementary and secondary classrooms ​throughout the state. The program’s mission is to build and utilize a network of exemplary teachers who are leaders in improvement of schools, student performance, and the teaching profession.

Please join us in congratulating the district’s building finalists: Annette Doeble (Third Avenue School), Nichole Edlin (David Brewer Elementary), Karen Miller (Henry Leavenworth Elementary),  Jamie Waldron (Earl M. Lawson Elementary), and Kaley Wittrock (Warren Middle School). Each of these educators were selected to represent their building because of their exceptional skill, dedication, and inspiration.

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