Leavenworth Unified School District 453

Hometown Olympian Visits LHS

Recently Amy Hastings Cragg made her way back to her alma mater, Leavenworth High School, where she spent time visiting with the LHS Cross Country team. She told stories about how she got started running, about her pre-competition rituals, and about her sleep and nutritional habits. She shared how her training schedule works, how important rest, recovery, and hydration are, and talked a little about shoe selection.

She encouraged the runners to do what they love and believe that they can do whatever they want, at whatever level they want, as long as they work hard. She said, "Success is measured by the small gains. Not very often do you leap to an entire minute off a mile. Rather, I encourage you to work in small chunks shaving off 15 seconds at a time. Over the course of your career, those small accomplishments will end up being great successes." She encouraged the student-athletes to pay close attention to who they hang out with and, that making good choices in friends can lead you down the road to reach your goals.

Humble and genuine, Amy certainly is a proud Pioneer. She took time with the athletes and answered many questions about her hobby turned job, her career, and he life. Her most encouraging and motivational approach sparked a fire in the LHS athletes, as she told them, "This year at the Olympics, the USA had three in the top 10 for the women's marathon. That's amazing, but we are not there yet. You all are the hope, the future of medals. Keep running and working hard...you can do it!"

Thank you, Amy Hastings Cragg, for the time, attention, and incredibly motivational visit to Leavenworth High School. You reached athletes in a way that you will never realize. As we say, "Once a Pioneer, Always a Pioneer!" Come back and see us any time!
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