Gifted Education

The Leavenworth USD 453 Gifted Education Program has many resources and information available for parents and team members.

Gifted children in Kansas are provided services through Special Education, as they are identified in state statute and regulations as an individual with an exceptionality. To receive gifted services, a student must be found eligible through a team identification process (see file linked below to learn more about this process). Throughout the process, input is taken from the classroom teacher, principal, gifted facilitator, school psychologist, parents, and other team members as determined necessary.

Leavenworth USD 453 acknowledges that each student identified as gifted is unique and should receive individual services as appropriate for his or her unique needs. After a student has been identified as having characteristics of giftedness and displays needs that cannot be met within the general education setting, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed with all team members. The IEP guides instruction for the unique needs of the student within the gifted education program as well as the general education program.

If you believe your student is a student who displays gifted characteristics and would like additional information please contact your student's teacher and or building principal.