Count Your Kid In (CYKI) Screenings

Count Your Kid In (CYKI) Screenings

Early Childhood Special Education

AUDIENCE: Children birth to 5 years of age who reside in Leavenworth.

PURPOSE: The purpose of early childhood screenings is to gather information about the child and determine if there is a need for further evaluation to determine if the child meets eligibility criteria and demonstrates a need for special education services.

SKILL AREAS: Communication skills, cognition/pre-academic skills, social and emotional skills, self-help/adaptive skills, motor skills, vision, and hearing.

WHEN: Screenings are scheduled monthly at various locations throughout the school districts. Flyers are posted at district and community locations a month before each screening.

Individual screenings for 3 - 5 year olds can be scheduled throughout the month for parents who are unable to bring their child to a monthly screening session.

To schedule your child for a screening or for more information, contact Cathy Bray at (913) 684-1507 or email