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Accountability Reports

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

We are proud to have many Career and Technical Education opportunities for our Pioneers. See data regarding our CTE programs on KSDE's website. 

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Data Center


Mental Health Intervention Program

Mental Health Intervention Program


KSDE Required Policy Documentation

The information you see below has been pulled directly from policies available to the public at any time on BoardDocs

  • Part-Time Enrollment Policy
    • Part-Time Students

       Part-time students may enroll with the administration’s permission if they complete all paperwork in a timely fashion and are in attendance no later than the first week of September. Part-time students may be admitted only to the extent that staff, facilities, equipment, and supplies are available and the students follow the district’s student conduct policies and rules.

  • Nonacademic Tests, Surveys, and Questionnaires Policy
    •  Select Student Surveys

           No test, questionnaire, survey, or examination containing any questions about a student’s or the student’s parents’ or guardians’ personal beliefs or practices on issues such as sex, family life, morality, or religion shall be administered to any student unless:

      1. the parent or guardian is notified in writing; and

      2. the parent or guardian of the student gives written permission for the student to participate.

          Nothing shall prohibit school counselors from providing counseling services, including the administration of tests and forms as part of student counseling services.  Any information obtained through such tests or counseling services shall not be stored on any personal mobile electronic device which is not owned by the school district.  Storage of such information on personal laptops, tablets, phones, flash drives, external hard drives, or virtual servers not owned by the district is prohibited.

          Students may be questioned:

      ●    in the provision of psychological services,

      ●    conducting of student threat assessments,

      ●    completing student disciplinary investigations or hearings, or
      ●    conducting child abuse investigations.

          Collection of such information these limited circumstances is permitted without prior written consent of the parent, guardian, or adult student.

  • Nonresident Attendance Capacity Policy
    • Non-resident Students
      Non-students are those who do not meet the definition of a resident student. Although the district is not required to admit non-resident students, non-resident students may be admitted to the extent that staff, facilities, equipment, and supplies are available. Other criteria regarding students seeking non-resident student admittance may be considered prior to acting on any annual non-resident student application as specified in this policy, and students residing outside of the state of Kansas may be denied enrollment or continued enrollment based on out-of-state residency

    • Non-resident Student Continued Enrollment
      Non-resident students admitted to the district shall be evaluated each spring by district administration on the following criteria: whether the student made academic progress; residence in the state of Kansas; regularity and punctuality of attendance; and disciplinary record, specifically whether the student complied with the student conduct code and avoided 1) major disciplinary problems and/or 2) a large number of referrals for minor disciplinary problems.

      Students may be readmitted or denied admission for the next school year based on the results of these evaluations. However, if the student has a disability, the student’s ability to meet these expectations shall be considered prior to denying continued enrollment in the district. Parents shall be informed of any administrative decision on non-resident student applications no later than one week after the start of school.