Teacher Certification Overview

  • All teachers employed by USD 453 must be certified teachers of the State of Kansas.

    For more information, contact the Kansas State Department of Education:

    • (785) 296-2288
    • 20 SE 10th Ave., Topeka, KS 66612
    • www.ksde.org

      Renewing/Obtaining Kansas Teaching License

      State Exchange Agreement

      • The following states have Licensure Exchange Agreements with the State of Kansas:

        • Illinois
        • Iowa
        • Michigan
        • Missouri
        • Nebraska
        • Oklahoma
        • South Dakota
        • Wisconsin

        These agreements allow teachers and school specialists who completed their approved university education program in one of these states and are currently licensed in that state to obtain a two-year exchange license in Kansas while they complete any additional Kansas Licensing requirements. Individuals licensed in states not belonging to the exchange agreement may obtain a one-year temporary non-renewable Kansas license while they complete the Kansas pre-certification testing requirements. For more information, visit the Kansas Department of Education website.